Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 50TH Birthday Uncle Dibid

Yeahh..that's him at the back. Already half a century old. Anyway, turns out 50 is the young of the old. << that does not makes sense.

We've been taking self pictures all night long. pulling faces and whatnot. Certainly a night to remember. With the exception of Chong Wei's loss. *punches wall*

Dear Uncle Dibid,

You're 50 now. Half a century old. But still look like a 25 year old~ nahhh..late 30's lah. xD Anywho, I am absolutely grateful to have an uncle such as yourself. You'r funny, tech crazy, loud (just like mom) but at times pretty stern. But that makes you YOU. Mom is behind you by 3 years so we shall be celebrating her half a century birthday soon too! 

May you live a long prosperous life. Filled with love, joy and riches.(?) 50 is just a number. It gets better and better every year. HUAHAHAHA!

May God Bless you Uncle. I love you. Thanks for making me a part of your growing old agenda.


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