Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gone YouTube Crazy

My eyes are all annoyed.  My head's pounding. My palms are all warm from the laptop heat. That just settles it. I've been watching YouTube videos the whole day. Say WHUT NOW??

Yes yes..the life of a NO LIFE girl. Pffffttt..I had loads of fun, mind you!! I got to know most of my friend's account on YouTube; which is Beyond Awesome. Caught up with the latest videos which I have subscribed to like NigaHiga, WongFu Productions, David Choi, Smosh, MAT LUTHFI (Malaysian weiii...) and etc.

It's not healthy though. Laying on my back all day, having headphones on. I tend to get lost in the video watching fishionado but hey..I won't be able to do this in the future yawww..When you're in Degree, you no have fast Wifi. Exciting stuff, university life. Sigh~~~

Anymeat, I got the urge to start making videos too! But..I don't really have ideas that I think is worthy enough to be shown on the Web yet. I gotta start pulling my brain juices out. Weeee~ sounds gross but trust me. Worth it.

All this Web browsing is giving me a headache. Ughhhhh.

Imma put a picture of baby Mason to ease my headache.

AWWWWW~ all better.


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