Friday, August 19, 2011

EHEM..buat Aunty Wan Som

Macam random saja. But what the heck!

To Aunty Wan Som,

It is apparently your birthday today! HURRAH! Happy 21st Birthday!! Setahun, hanya sekali..merayakan hari yang mulia ini~ << Adapted from Lagu Raya. 

I didn't really get the chance to get to know you better but my 3 days in Johor Bahru were enough. Thank you for bringing me into your home and make me feel welcome. I wish I thanked you more in the past but I'll just turn into a stone and no words will come out. =,=

AAAAAAA...anyway! I had a whole speech planned out but now I have no idea what to write. Since I lost my words, I shall go to plan B. GOOGLE.

There are Aunts that are boring
That are Aunts that are dull
There are Aunts that don’t care
About much of anything at all
But that’s not you Aunty
You’re exciting caring and great fun too
A Great Big Happy Birthday.

The beauty of Google!  You're great. Funny too! I think I cracked my funny bone too often over there. So yeah. I see your kids have follow suit. Bwahahaha! I am truly blessed to have met you and the family. Hope to see you soon. Have a prosperous life and May Allah Bless you.

p.s I don't mind if you don't read this. I just felt like doing it. :D


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