Thursday, August 25, 2011

Converse Frenzy

I just had to go searching for Converse shoes. I cannot believe what a big collection Converse is. Can you imagine there are so many other cuttings and collections I do not know about?? Except for the basic ones lah. But FUHHHH..certainly made my eyes pop out of their sockets. Shoe-gasm as we might say it.

The ones that I found were all from the 2010 collection.

This first one is an All Star blabla..I think the material is rubbery, instead of the regular 'kain' ones. O.O

These are from the Chuck Taylor's Cup Fall/Winter collection. Yeap. Real bright!

These 3 selections are the Japan collection. I guess that's why we don't see them over here in Malaysia. It must be hard to get through customs. All of them I mean. But WOW. When you think they're out of ideas, suddenly WHAM! slaps us right in the face with these gorgeous creations.

I could have browsed for more but that'll just put me in a slump because I know I can't own all of them!!!

Pretty cool.


Aifaa Petra said...

ouuu..I love the last one..the purple converse ^__^

Pingu said...

i really like the grey one. dunno why. xD

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