Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Jitters

It's Friday~~ <<- I just had to put that in.

I went to my Uncle's house today as my brother had to take his shower before going off to tuition. I pity him..Though he may be sitting during the whole session, it sure is tiring as you're still wrecking your brain. Not to mention there's no break. COBAAN~ darn. Went off topic. Oh yeah! Stopped by Uncle's house and our distant relatives had come to visit. My cousin brought his two sons. One is 6 years old and the other just 5 months old.

I have a serious case of baby phobia. I have no idea why. I just feel that babies and I don't mix. Don't get me wrong. Babies are soooo adorable but the part that scares me is when they start to cry. Right when I lay hands on them. So in my mind I'm thinking.."I make babies cry." So that explains it!

Cousin : Do you want to hold the baby?
Me :'s alright! I don't know how. 
Cousin : It'll be fine. NAH. *thrust the baby into my hands*

He was a very chubby baby. Cheeks so red and bouncy. Eyes the size of marbles. 

It was awkward at first. I just stared at him while holding him at a distance. I was waiting for the cry so that I can hand him back to his dad but alas, he smiled instead. From that moment on, my heart melt. He didn't cry!! He laughed when I bounced him up and down while at the same time gazing at me. I think he wanted to play with my specs. =,=

Right before I hand him back to his dad, he grasped my finger really hard. SO CUTE! That is what all babies do. They like to hang on to your finger. Small gesture, big impact.

I never thought I'd see the day when there's this one baby who did not cry, being in my presence. OH! So blissfully happy today! 


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