Monday, August 8, 2011

70th POST

Say whut now?? So fast..felt like it was not that long ago I hesitated to write in a blog. Huh. A small accomplishment. FUHHHHH..

...I have no idea what to write about. Brain juices ain't working.

It rained today!! (Nothing to be excited about..nature)

OH OH! I do have something in as I strolled around the supermarket with brother dearest, I saw one of the minister with her husband. Who's also my neighbour. Hairdo done up in a high bun, scarf half covering her head (Datin style), dressed in formal baju kurung. Husband with his crisp white shirt and grey pants. <<-Mind you..he's shorter than her. xD

ANYWAYS! The moment they stepped out of the car, they locked their hands together. Like this =

And swing them together back and forth regardless of who staring. The moment I saw that I was like "AWWWWWWW~~"

They're not exactly young which makes it an even more "AWWWW" moment.

D. Fatimah

D. Adi

That just proves that love lasts, in the cutest way too. Seeing couples like this just makes my heart melt. I wish I'd have a husband that I can grow old with who won't hesitate to grip my hand in public. ^^

"I don't care how old we get..You're my husband so we should hold hands in public."

Is that too much to ask? AHAHAHA!

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