Sunday, August 21, 2011

20th Anniversary

Parents' Anniversary! Dated 17th August 1991.

This was taken during one of their dates where my mum taught my dad how to drive a car. That's right. Their dates were driving lessons.

Now. Here they are. A lil older but still the same happy people I know.

Of all the years they have been together, I have never once see them upset at each other. The occasional complaints from mum about dad's forgetfulness was normal. The groans dad give whenever he is asked to do errands for mum. But they compromised and made it work. Mum made a strategic placing for dad to keep his stuff and dad makes sure he keeps a smile on his face when he does the errands.

To me, they're the complete opposites of one another. Mum is more to the wild side. She's free spirited and has the mind of a teenager at times. Dad is more laid back and hardly ever loses his temper. The wise one as you might say. My parents are the greatest example for the term 'opposites attract'.

I have learned a lot from my parents. They have brought me up to live life yet at the same time appreciate things around me. They sacrificed a lot for my brother and I which I am eternally grateful for. When I look at them, I see true love. I hope that someday I'll be blessed with the same commitment.

Mum and Dad, Hoping that the love that you shared years ago is still as strong today as it was then, bringing you much joy, love and happiness to celebrate again. Happy Anniversary.


Aifaa Petra said...

beautifully written dae :') How lucky of you to be blessed with a great family..

Pingu said...

thanks mai. :') I am very blessed indeed.

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