Sunday, July 10, 2011


Everybody have their own wishes so I have mine as well. :D

I have plenty of things that I want but never have the cha-ching to get them. But hey, can't help but wish for them.

The fixie bike!

Slip On Hoodies. (Somehow I fancy the ones with faces on them.)

G Shock watch.

Kristin Crossbody Coach Bag

Colorful branded shoes~!

Can't put a price on shoes! Mum said it is best to go for the branded ones. May be costly but it'll definitely last and I agree to her statement. I'm not into heels so I like to go for shoes or flats. long as they're effing bright. xD 

Last but not least, a DOMO plush toy. *SQUEALS*

I've always liked colorful things, regardless of what they are. Even down to bottles of nail polish! I absolutely enjoy looking at bright colors. That is why I would love to own things that are super bright. When it comes to spending on expensive brands, I'd rather go all out then not at all.

Right now I can't afford anything~ I'll just wish that they'll fall from the sky. HAHAHA! dream on. Maybe one day; I could.


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