Friday, July 15, 2011


I am God damn gloriously happy! Not only for myself but for my friends as well.  To those who got TESL in UITM,UTM,UKM,UPM,UIA..congratulations!! I think you all deserve it and I am dunking myself into this joyous bowl of goodness. yeah! The rest as well who got EPC, masscomm, English course..we're still learning our core language from TESL so it's a deal breaker.

So many things to be happy about. My heart never felt so light and bouncy. Seeing all the excited posts in blogs and Facebook is certainly a sight to see.

Now, what we should do is focus on the future and do the best we can as students. I on the other hand, have found out what is my purpose in life and I am ecstatic about it. I celebrate this day by munching on a PAU. yeah! you heard me right! PAU!

*Do the happy dance*

I hope to meet all of you in the future. Land of the West, here I come!


Lisa said...


Pingu said...

thanks lisa! you too ya!

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