Saturday, July 9, 2011

Slacking Off

A day without technology! xD

I hid myself from all of the gadgets within the house and decided to do lil things that I used to do back then. 

 I read up on my books. Even down to Enid Blyton's. I counted the tiles on the ceiling. 24 in the living room, 16 in the kitchen and 12 in my room. I dusted the lil trinkets at home which I haven't touch for ages. There's a bunny rabbit trinket. Awwww~ I started a role play among the swans and snails. (Odd. I know.) I laid around thinking about the future. What would be and what might have been. To end things, I sat on my front lawn and watched the sunset. A beautiful mixture of pink and orange I have ever seen. Must've looked pretty delusional out there; sitting cross legged in the middle of the driveway but hey! I don't shy away from making a fool out of myself.

Yet even after hours of no technology..still..can't help but missing individuals. ^^

I apologize if I missed anything today. It's just that I wanted to catch up on several stuff. And sorry again for not giving any sort of sound. I am absolutely broke!


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