Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sandy Water

Just found out there's a beach 20 mins away from my house!! WAZZHAT?? That shows I don't go out often. My gosh. 

Then why should I be surprise? I'm in Borneo. COURSE I'M SURROUNDED BY WATER. aishhh..idiot me.

Brother's habit. (Placing shirt over head)

Shadow mengantoikan diri taking self picture.

Now I shall be aware of this place and whenever any friends decide to stop by, imma bring them here.

While walking on the beach I can't help but think of...

OH! I just thought of one thing that has something to do with the beach. No matter how small your presence is in the world, you are sure to leave behind a footprint. Just like what the people in my life have done. :')


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