Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I find it funny to see my parents so CONCERN over me replacing puasa.

They're so cute!!! It is not the first time I'm replacing. Haiyak. But noooo~ they have to be on top of things all the time.

Mum : Are you hungry? Want to eat?
Me : I forgot to tell you..I'm fasting.
Mum : YOU ARE?? Why you didn't tell me?? What are you going to have? What did you eat this morning??
Me : I'll just have whatever is in the fridge, Mi. No big deal. I had tons of water and bread. Was too lazy to cook anything.
Mum : Haiyak! You should have proper food~ Now let me see~ What should you eat? Do you crave for anything?

Seriously? Cravings? I'm not pregnant Mum. But anyways, she told Dad so he gopoh as well.

Dad : You're fasting? You want me to drive out and get you anything? Porridge? Pau? Hot drinks?
Me : =,= I am fine, Di. We have food at home. SHEESH!
Dad : Well...okay then. If you want anything, just say.

xD These two old folks of mine. Haish..I am not a kid anymore but it's nice to see how they take care of even the smallest things. This shall be taken as a lesson though. Gantilah senyap-senyap~ So they won't worry. 


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