Thursday, July 14, 2011

Piling Nerves

Bleggghhh! 14th today. Tomorrow shall be the day that confirms my future. *punches wall*

I would take it in stride whatever I'll get. I shall make the best of it. If I don't, I shall jump over the wall and start running into the direction that suits me most. ^^

That's life right? You'll never know what you're going to get and it'll just SPLAT itself right on your face. It better be something sweet that's going to come and surprise me. FUUHHHHHH..breath breath~ I am calm. Be brave Dae Iman. Don't even think about it..Every individual deserves a chance to further their education and I certainly would like to be one of those people! 

I wish all the other students the best and don't fret..The future is bright for all of us. I pray for success for all of you and remember; no regrets. I'm staying away from Facebook for awhile because usually the News Feed would be filled with people updating their statuses about the whole ordeal.=,= Especially TESLians..AHAHAHAHA!! A bunch of cookoo people but I love them to death.

OH! My mum's student got strucked by LIGHTNING!! Right!! the Pew Pew thingies that come out from the sky. He was wearing his headphones during a heavy rain standing outside the mosque and ZAP! He was struck by lightning. Some of his teeth flew out and he has internal bleeding. But he's fine now..That is why she nagged both me and my brother to NEVER use earphones,handphones or laptops during heavy rain.



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