Friday, July 22, 2011


I...I...I...Iyiyi! I have no idea what to blog about today. My humble brain has stopped working. =,=

But I'll feel all guilty if I don't write something..Demm me. I'll just summarize the things I did today.

I read books..AGAIN. Went through the set of Malory Towers. OH how I wish I could be one of those girls. I'd be dressed in a brown blazer and skirt, a white crisp shirt and completed with an orange tie; matched with a straw hat that has an orange bow. I'd be living in an old-castle-like-school where I will learn foreign languages and play sports like lacrosse, swimming and horse back riding. Sigh~ A girl can dream. Demm Enid Blyton's and their thorough description of stories.

Went on a car ride with Dad. We didn't go anywhere. Just went in circles around the neighbourhood while sticking our heads out. Well..that part was only me but dad did the Mukhsin trademark where you stick your hand out while moving it up and down; like a dolphin. xD Then ice-cream. These sort of car rides always end with FOOD. I have no idea why..

Stared at the forms that I have to fill up for Degree.UGGHHH..can I not do it again? I don't want to take a blood test. I don't want to take an X-Ray where a bunch of people scan my chest. I don't want to pee in a cup. I especially do not want to wait in a long line to attend to these things. Oh well, at least I finished up the forms. Pesky papers. *Slaps paper*

Read an article in the newspaper. "PENCURI TERTIDUR SELEPAS MEMAKAN MI SEGERA." AHAHAHAHAHA! *rolls on floor laughing* That's a first. Thieves are getting gutsier now. It is a peculiar thing but at least it wasn't all gloomy where it ends with someone being dead. It just ends with a thief falling asleep on a stealing spree. TSK3..what has the world come to?

HOKAY! That was it for today.

Btw, Pretty! Brother has taken a liking to David Choi too. We're both going through his songs again and again. Like right now. =,=


Lisa said...

pee in a cup....bergh..

Pingu said...

pee in a cup! ho yeah!

meia ameruddin said...


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