Monday, July 18, 2011


I shared this with Meia tadi. I found it so funny so I wanted to blog about it. xD

I went to the grocery store on my own to get FOOD. I was browsing through the different shelves when these two boys caught my eye. They're about the same age as I am. Students I spose. One is Indian and the other Chinese. I found their conversation funny so Imma reenact it.

*Chinese boy holding a Sunsilk shampoo in his hand* *Few seconds later Indian boy sees it*

Indian boy : DUDE! Why are you buying  Sunsilk shampoo?
Chinese boy : I need it lehhh..
Indian boy : PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN! Go and get a MAN's shampoo.
Chinese boy : But Sunsilk makes my hair smooth and silky.

I couldn't watch them any longer if not i'll be LOLling by myself and that would be embarassing. AHAHAHA!

Man shampoo. Kesian Chinese boy


Chummie^^ said...

hahahaha man shampoo...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha man up dude! hahahahahahahaha *ROFL*

Pingu said...

bodoh kan?? =,= haduh..boys.

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