Monday, July 11, 2011

Like looking in the mirror

Have you ever tried driving in town at midnight?

Super awesome. You can speed like nobody's business because the roads are clear~~ it's like shopping malls on weekdays. Empty. Dang I wished I sped but you can't when you have your grumpy mother right beside you.

There's a reason why my mum's cranky. FIRST, she doesn't like it when she has to stop halfway doing her work. Especially for other things. Like tonight it was to pick up my dad from the airport. Usually she doesn't mind but when my dad asked to be picked up 12, that kinda agitated her by a bit. It was at midnight! SECOND, she doesn't like it when she has to wait. for a long period of time. Turns out dad estimated wrong. Instead of arriving at 12, he arrived at 12.55a.m AND we went off from the house early. UUUU~~ very long wait. THIRD, sloppy planning. She doesn't like it when you do not inform things to her especially when it comes to flight itineraries. Yeap. So you could've imagine how my mum was. Like a lion on a rampage.

Yeap. MUM..lion version. Except this is not as scary.

I felt kinda sorry for my dad. xD He was full of remorse lemme tell ya. He doesn't like it when mum is agitated about something he did so he kept quiet the whole time; kept his head down and answered my mum's questions with caution. It was like looking in the mirror! Soooo,this is how I look like when I'm in trouble with my mum? Pretty cool to see my cool dad in fear. AHAHAHA!

Like a cowering mouse.

Lesson of this story = Never mess with MUM. FULLSTOP

p.s Dad brought back Gardenia from KL so the first thing I did reaching back home was to take out a slice and slap some Nutella on it. It felt like old times~ Hanging out with friends,sharing stories while stuffing our faces silly with bread and jam. I'm no cry baby but my eyes got a lil blurry. Haih~ Good times in UiTM~ good times~


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