Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am the type of person who adores watching happiness and somewhat call it, blooming of love. It is like a ray of sunshine or when you take a bite into ice cream or getting warm hugs from people you care for dearly. It is absolutely a sight to see those type of situations happening right in front of you. And that I can be a part of it. WAHHHH..SMILE OVERLOAD!!! I admit that I can get all jumpy and hyper and utterly flustered but who wouldn't want to witness moments like that happening to the ones close to you and also to yourself?

I jump for joy! HO YEAH!



syaheenfarhana said...

comelll!! (^^)b

Pingu said...

oh syaheen!! thank you~~ ngehehehe. jap..ape yang comel sebenarnye? @_@

syaheenfarhana said...

hahaha..both!!..your pic and your words!..

Pingu said...

awwwww~~ pish posh *flap flap hand* telima kasih syaheen si kiut miut~ *cubit pipi*

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