Monday, July 4, 2011

If blinking helped.

I've always wondered how it would feel like to be completely oblivious to the mistakes done by myself and others. It's like not having to witness anything bad happening; right before your eyes. 

Back then, I've always seen it this way. If I kept my eyes closed for a little longer when a mistake happens, I get to see it magically disappear once I open my eyes. I always wish that if I do that, it'll go away. That mistake won't leave a permanent scar in my heart. It won't make me fall into a pit of darkness. It won't make me cry. But it's never like that. I can't keep shutting myself from seeing things happening around me and I definitely can't avoid them. If not, I wouldn't learn from it. And it wouldn't make me stronger. 

So now, instead of shutting my eyes, I kept them open.

I would not say that it doesn't hurt. Because it does. But hey, regrets and mistakes; they are memories made.


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