Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hope You're Ok

It alarms me to see that you're not happy. I wish I could do anything in my will power to help you be your cheery self again. 

But there's nothing I can do but listen to you. And the pang in my heart gets bigger because I am just standing on the other side of the line, listening to you;pouring your heart out.

What can I do?

All that I can do is just hoping that tomorrow will be a better day and'll be OK. 

Now I'm in a funk. Sigh~


avvang said...

yeay. can comment. :D

Pingu said...

LOL. tu saja you say?

Belle. said...

this really is back to basics. haha, no worries. u'll be a pro soon. :D

Belle. said...

seee???? ^^

Pingu said...

googlemonsterbaby2008ifeelfish. oh! it works!

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