Saturday, July 2, 2011

F&F FAIR. pfffttt

My school's annual food and fun fair was held today. From 8a.m to 2p.m. I had the courtesy to arrive at 10a.m because I need enough beauty sleep. Eventually had to get up though. I thought the turn out this year won't be big because of the 1Malaysia run thingy but alas I was wrong. Apparently my school is really famous for this fair. Sell loads of stuff and pay through coupon money. WOOT!

Truth be told I had a difficult time to spend my RM30 because most of the things on sale were not that great. Not all but MOST of it. It was a tinge of disappointment for me as I had high hopes it'll be great. TOO BAD juniors. Your seniors are too damn awesome. We ruled back then. yeah.

I gave out most of my tickets but I got more free ones BACK. So I just randomly spend. For the sake of the school. The only proof that I was there is this.

SICK ASS TATTOO! *stick on*

The rest of the tickets I just handed them to random strangers. EHEHEHEHE!! Nonetheless, I had a good time. Meeting with teachers and old mates. Nothing is better than that. ^^

OH! I want to show you the shirt mum got for me.

No idea what it means but it's French so who cares?? xD


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