Friday, July 8, 2011


Expectations are the damnest thing in the world. I despise that word so very much. People expect so much from you or the other way which is..they expect nothing but the worst coming from you.

I know I'm not perfect. I know I make mistakes. Please don't compare me with yourself or others because I know my own capabilities. I wish you could see that too. I strive to be perfect; I want to shine in the eyes of people that I love but somehow that does not even matter; at times. When someone makes a mistake, instead of thinking of it as a tiny one and it can't be compared to many other good things that someone makes, that mistake will always overshadow the good points.

Is it so hard to just..let it go? Is it? 

Maybe not I guess. I am really sorry; again. It's not like I meant it to happen. Mistakes happen and I know that. I know you'll eventually forgive me. It is just painful, okay? To see disappointment in your eyes.

Try looking into mine and you'll probably see the same thing.


Belle. said...

you okay buddy?

Pingu said...

i'm alright dude. ^^ don't you worry. hormones raging ey? ok. awkward to say. aaaaaa..babai.

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