Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dull Day

G'day people! G'day my arse. I am..BORED. Now I know how it feels like to be a slacker. You know what slackers are? They are the people on the streets who goes around town..doing nothing. They sleep on the streets, they..well, that is what they do. Slackers mainly means people who have nothing better to do on a daily basis. And boy..lemme tell ya. It's a suckish way to live. But I am still living aren't I so YEAH! *high 5 self*

My day was somewhat bland. All I did was basically stare into space, did chores, ate my meals, played with my cats, scolded my cats for trashing the place, sleep, play Facebook, sleep some more, and a lil more of Facebook. Not to forget TV. then sent Dad to the airport. That was basically it. Hmmmmm..I had better days I assumed.

HO DIDDLY DO DATT!!!!! can't wait to get UPU results so that I can free myself of this dull situation. Yeah sure..being a way from family must be hard but MAN! Gimme something to live for already!!

For now, I should probably be thankful of this 6 months vacation that I have been given. I am sure there won't be more in the future so I'll just sit myself back down and calmly take it eaassssssyyyyy..

*Buries face in pillow*


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