Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drawing for AH.

I got tagged by Atikah Hajar to do this drawing thingy. At first I was like HELLLL NAAAAA..but then..lama sudah haven't doodle plus I need to post something up today so yeah! I DID IT! I am supposedly spose to draw what I feel now or something like that. summon things up, I felt like shaking ma booty to catchy songs. :D

And I so did!! With the exception of stares from my mum and snickering comments from my brother. PFFFT.

This is the best I can do in such a short time but yeah. i had fun doodling maself. took me awhile to measure my own butt. I 'guess' it resembles it. I SPOSE.

I only did one. I don't think I can doodle a lot. @_@ Anyways, TARAAAAA!!


Atikah Hajar said...

HAH!!! I FOUND YOUR BLOG!! weeee~ finally! heh

and tenks for doing my tag!!

i SPOSE that does look like ur butt? hahahaha

p/s: guess what my word verification here: hyper..LOL

Pingu said...

how did you find it anyway?? xD

my pleasure dearie..i did for you taw!!

HO YEAH!!!!!!!

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