Sunday, July 24, 2011


It is a day closer to see the new born miracle. I thought it was today but no. False alarm. Haish~!!

It was odd to get an sms from you saying that you would want to meet up. Happy though that you thought of me. SO I WENT VAROOM VAROOM like mad to the clinic. Even though I didn't know where I was heading. I'm independent! Plus, it'll be so embarrassing to ask for directions when you've been a citizen for years.=,=

Eventually found it though! There were 4 doors but from the looks of it, the clinic looked like it wasn't open for business. So another round I went; to see if there's a backway to the place. No luck. Parked my car. Stared at the clinic sign for ages! Tried every door. No luck EXCEPT for the last grilled gate. deceiving!

Greeted by a nurse dressed in blue. Timidly I asked where your room was at. Room 2 she said. So off I went!! Knocked on the door and there you were; sitting on the bed greeting me with a grin. :D The first thing you said, "Want banana?". AHAHAHA! Your lil sister sleeping on the floor right beside you all spaced out. "Muka baruk bangun tido. Buruk! ehehehe~" 

Good talk we had! Minutes later, the rest headed in and the loud talking+laughter began. More silly questions for the new mommy and a blast from the past of our alma mater, St. Teresa. Giggled over creation of games like Human Mountain, Human Table and Combined Jadi sessions. That is what you get for being in an all girls' school. :) Good times~ good times~

You're nervous. We're nervous. We wish you well, girl. Have a great poop party tonight <<- (She said it.) and we shall await patiently for the child who will be showered by love from her lovely aunties and uncles. My prayers will be with you. *Hug*


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