Sunday, July 31, 2011


I don't really know what to say bout my trip.

Cuz it's not over yet. MIAHAHAHAHA~ tunggu habis dulu lah.

Baru update betol. hwa ha ha.

Saya mengedik ja untuk post benda yang tiada makna...

Itu sudah menjadi kebiasaan. Pfffttttttt

Yang pastinya, seronok. xD

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Gets Me Thinking

After trying to get to know the real you, I'm starting to question.

Do you really mean what you say at times? Or is it just a whole load of phoney baloney? 

I am NOT to be mislead. If you do not feel what you say, then just stop pretending. I'll be perfectly fine with it. ^^ At times, it's better to say what's in your heart than putting on a mask..kan?

Regardless, it still gets me thinking. Huh.
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Monday, July 25, 2011


Certainly a day to remember.

All I can say is praise the world and its miracles. Thank Allah for presenting life.

You did well and Altair~ you're so cute. ^^

May you grow up to be a marvelous boy and enjoy life~!

*scrunched up face* Awwww~
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


It is a day closer to see the new born miracle. I thought it was today but no. False alarm. Haish~!!

It was odd to get an sms from you saying that you would want to meet up. Happy though that you thought of me. SO I WENT VAROOM VAROOM like mad to the clinic. Even though I didn't know where I was heading. I'm independent! Plus, it'll be so embarrassing to ask for directions when you've been a citizen for years.=,=

Eventually found it though! There were 4 doors but from the looks of it, the clinic looked like it wasn't open for business. So another round I went; to see if there's a backway to the place. No luck. Parked my car. Stared at the clinic sign for ages! Tried every door. No luck EXCEPT for the last grilled gate. deceiving!

Greeted by a nurse dressed in blue. Timidly I asked where your room was at. Room 2 she said. So off I went!! Knocked on the door and there you were; sitting on the bed greeting me with a grin. :D The first thing you said, "Want banana?". AHAHAHA! Your lil sister sleeping on the floor right beside you all spaced out. "Muka baruk bangun tido. Buruk! ehehehe~" 

Good talk we had! Minutes later, the rest headed in and the loud talking+laughter began. More silly questions for the new mommy and a blast from the past of our alma mater, St. Teresa. Giggled over creation of games like Human Mountain, Human Table and Combined Jadi sessions. That is what you get for being in an all girls' school. :) Good times~ good times~

You're nervous. We're nervous. We wish you well, girl. Have a great poop party tonight <<- (She said it.) and we shall await patiently for the child who will be showered by love from her lovely aunties and uncles. My prayers will be with you. *Hug*

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Friday, July 22, 2011


I...I...I...Iyiyi! I have no idea what to blog about today. My humble brain has stopped working. =,=

But I'll feel all guilty if I don't write something..Demm me. I'll just summarize the things I did today.

I read books..AGAIN. Went through the set of Malory Towers. OH how I wish I could be one of those girls. I'd be dressed in a brown blazer and skirt, a white crisp shirt and completed with an orange tie; matched with a straw hat that has an orange bow. I'd be living in an old-castle-like-school where I will learn foreign languages and play sports like lacrosse, swimming and horse back riding. Sigh~ A girl can dream. Demm Enid Blyton's and their thorough description of stories.

Went on a car ride with Dad. We didn't go anywhere. Just went in circles around the neighbourhood while sticking our heads out. Well..that part was only me but dad did the Mukhsin trademark where you stick your hand out while moving it up and down; like a dolphin. xD Then ice-cream. These sort of car rides always end with FOOD. I have no idea why..

Stared at the forms that I have to fill up for Degree.UGGHHH..can I not do it again? I don't want to take a blood test. I don't want to take an X-Ray where a bunch of people scan my chest. I don't want to pee in a cup. I especially do not want to wait in a long line to attend to these things. Oh well, at least I finished up the forms. Pesky papers. *Slaps paper*

Read an article in the newspaper. "PENCURI TERTIDUR SELEPAS MEMAKAN MI SEGERA." AHAHAHAHAHA! *rolls on floor laughing* That's a first. Thieves are getting gutsier now. It is a peculiar thing but at least it wasn't all gloomy where it ends with someone being dead. It just ends with a thief falling asleep on a stealing spree. TSK3..what has the world come to?

HOKAY! That was it for today.

Btw, Pretty! Brother has taken a liking to David Choi too. We're both going through his songs again and again. Like right now. =,=

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guling guling~

I didn't do much today. Hanya guling guling atas katil but I only have a single bed so I rock back and forth ja. FUHHHH..pening.

Eventhough I didn't do anything to excite me today, I still feel OVER-THE-MOON-JUMP-INTO-POOLS-BREEZE-IN-MY-HAIR happy. :D What I just experienced have just collected all the smileys in the world and plastered it all over my face. My cheeks are still hurting from smiling a lot. Which is another plus. NO WRINKLES! woot woot!

So be it that I am locked up in the house; basically doing nothing besides chores and watch tv and browse on the Internet. I still feel that I am the luckiest girl in the world. Because of the people present in my life. Have I not met these people, my life would just be..bland. and boring. like a salad without dressing. Blegghh..I don't even eat vegetables. Huh. ice-cream without the sprinkles. :D Much better.

Thank you Allah for presenting angels in my life. I am truly blessed. For one of them, I did not expect that angel because I never knew I would come across such a person. Glad I did.

I <3 my angels..xoxo
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am the type of person who adores watching happiness and somewhat call it, blooming of love. It is like a ray of sunshine or when you take a bite into ice cream or getting warm hugs from people you care for dearly. It is absolutely a sight to see those type of situations happening right in front of you. And that I can be a part of it. WAHHHH..SMILE OVERLOAD!!! I admit that I can get all jumpy and hyper and utterly flustered but who wouldn't want to witness moments like that happening to the ones close to you and also to yourself?

I jump for joy! HO YEAH!


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Monday, July 18, 2011


I shared this with Meia tadi. I found it so funny so I wanted to blog about it. xD

I went to the grocery store on my own to get FOOD. I was browsing through the different shelves when these two boys caught my eye. They're about the same age as I am. Students I spose. One is Indian and the other Chinese. I found their conversation funny so Imma reenact it.

*Chinese boy holding a Sunsilk shampoo in his hand* *Few seconds later Indian boy sees it*

Indian boy : DUDE! Why are you buying  Sunsilk shampoo?
Chinese boy : I need it lehhh..
Indian boy : PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN! Go and get a MAN's shampoo.
Chinese boy : But Sunsilk makes my hair smooth and silky.

I couldn't watch them any longer if not i'll be LOLling by myself and that would be embarassing. AHAHAHA!

Man shampoo. Kesian Chinese boy

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black and Blue

I cleaned the house~~ LIKE A GOOD MAID. HOYEAH!

Other than that, things were pretty bland~ OH OH!! i got a call from Ayu yesterday saying she's in my hometown. *SQUEALS* But so far I haven't had the chance to meet her yet. OH GOSH OH GOSH! must..see..her..before..she...leaves. Wait for me Ayu~~ Kalau ada jodoh, meet lah. xD

It's a beautiful day today. Somehow not too sunny, not too gloomy. Just right~ except for the fact tha bro got a HUGE bruise on his big toe. When I looked at it I was like "DAYUMMMM..that looks painful." 

Apparently he accidently kicked a pole while playing  futsal. Haish..=,=

Black and blue~ I wished it was black and yellow colored so that I can sing "AHAK! BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW. JYEAH!"

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Drawing for AH.

I got tagged by Atikah Hajar to do this drawing thingy. At first I was like HELLLL NAAAAA..but then..lama sudah haven't doodle plus I need to post something up today so yeah! I DID IT! I am supposedly spose to draw what I feel now or something like that. summon things up, I felt like shaking ma booty to catchy songs. :D

And I so did!! With the exception of stares from my mum and snickering comments from my brother. PFFFT.

This is the best I can do in such a short time but yeah. i had fun doodling maself. took me awhile to measure my own butt. I 'guess' it resembles it. I SPOSE.

I only did one. I don't think I can doodle a lot. @_@ Anyways, TARAAAAA!!

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Friday, July 15, 2011


I am God damn gloriously happy! Not only for myself but for my friends as well.  To those who got TESL in UITM,UTM,UKM,UPM,UIA..congratulations!! I think you all deserve it and I am dunking myself into this joyous bowl of goodness. yeah! The rest as well who got EPC, masscomm, English course..we're still learning our core language from TESL so it's a deal breaker.

So many things to be happy about. My heart never felt so light and bouncy. Seeing all the excited posts in blogs and Facebook is certainly a sight to see.

Now, what we should do is focus on the future and do the best we can as students. I on the other hand, have found out what is my purpose in life and I am ecstatic about it. I celebrate this day by munching on a PAU. yeah! you heard me right! PAU!

*Do the happy dance*

I hope to meet all of you in the future. Land of the West, here I come!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Piling Nerves

Bleggghhh! 14th today. Tomorrow shall be the day that confirms my future. *punches wall*

I would take it in stride whatever I'll get. I shall make the best of it. If I don't, I shall jump over the wall and start running into the direction that suits me most. ^^

That's life right? You'll never know what you're going to get and it'll just SPLAT itself right on your face. It better be something sweet that's going to come and surprise me. FUUHHHHHH..breath breath~ I am calm. Be brave Dae Iman. Don't even think about it..Every individual deserves a chance to further their education and I certainly would like to be one of those people! 

I wish all the other students the best and don't fret..The future is bright for all of us. I pray for success for all of you and remember; no regrets. I'm staying away from Facebook for awhile because usually the News Feed would be filled with people updating their statuses about the whole ordeal.=,= Especially TESLians..AHAHAHAHA!! A bunch of cookoo people but I love them to death.

OH! My mum's student got strucked by LIGHTNING!! Right!! the Pew Pew thingies that come out from the sky. He was wearing his headphones during a heavy rain standing outside the mosque and ZAP! He was struck by lightning. Some of his teeth flew out and he has internal bleeding. But he's fine now..That is why she nagged both me and my brother to NEVER use earphones,handphones or laptops during heavy rain.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I find it funny to see my parents so CONCERN over me replacing puasa.

They're so cute!!! It is not the first time I'm replacing. Haiyak. But noooo~ they have to be on top of things all the time.

Mum : Are you hungry? Want to eat?
Me : I forgot to tell you..I'm fasting.
Mum : YOU ARE?? Why you didn't tell me?? What are you going to have? What did you eat this morning??
Me : I'll just have whatever is in the fridge, Mi. No big deal. I had tons of water and bread. Was too lazy to cook anything.
Mum : Haiyak! You should have proper food~ Now let me see~ What should you eat? Do you crave for anything?

Seriously? Cravings? I'm not pregnant Mum. But anyways, she told Dad so he gopoh as well.

Dad : You're fasting? You want me to drive out and get you anything? Porridge? Pau? Hot drinks?
Me : =,= I am fine, Di. We have food at home. SHEESH!
Dad : Well...okay then. If you want anything, just say.

xD These two old folks of mine. Haish..I am not a kid anymore but it's nice to see how they take care of even the smallest things. This shall be taken as a lesson though. Gantilah senyap-senyap~ So they won't worry. 

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Love spells

"I choose you....every time."

"You're made of wonderful things."

"If I had another chance of you, I'd go at a heartbeat."

"You're the reason why my heart thumps a little faster."

"Love is like a leap of faith and I've jumped for you."

"You're nothing short of my everything."

"The most precious gift I have ever gotten is you."

AWWWWWWW~ who wouldn't love to hear those words from the ones they love? ^^

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Like looking in the mirror

Have you ever tried driving in town at midnight?

Super awesome. You can speed like nobody's business because the roads are clear~~ it's like shopping malls on weekdays. Empty. Dang I wished I sped but you can't when you have your grumpy mother right beside you.

There's a reason why my mum's cranky. FIRST, she doesn't like it when she has to stop halfway doing her work. Especially for other things. Like tonight it was to pick up my dad from the airport. Usually she doesn't mind but when my dad asked to be picked up 12, that kinda agitated her by a bit. It was at midnight! SECOND, she doesn't like it when she has to wait. for a long period of time. Turns out dad estimated wrong. Instead of arriving at 12, he arrived at 12.55a.m AND we went off from the house early. UUUU~~ very long wait. THIRD, sloppy planning. She doesn't like it when you do not inform things to her especially when it comes to flight itineraries. Yeap. So you could've imagine how my mum was. Like a lion on a rampage.

Yeap. MUM..lion version. Except this is not as scary.

I felt kinda sorry for my dad. xD He was full of remorse lemme tell ya. He doesn't like it when mum is agitated about something he did so he kept quiet the whole time; kept his head down and answered my mum's questions with caution. It was like looking in the mirror! Soooo,this is how I look like when I'm in trouble with my mum? Pretty cool to see my cool dad in fear. AHAHAHA!

Like a cowering mouse.

Lesson of this story = Never mess with MUM. FULLSTOP

p.s Dad brought back Gardenia from KL so the first thing I did reaching back home was to take out a slice and slap some Nutella on it. It felt like old times~ Hanging out with friends,sharing stories while stuffing our faces silly with bread and jam. I'm no cry baby but my eyes got a lil blurry. Haih~ Good times in UiTM~ good times~

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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Everybody have their own wishes so I have mine as well. :D

I have plenty of things that I want but never have the cha-ching to get them. But hey, can't help but wish for them.

The fixie bike!

Slip On Hoodies. (Somehow I fancy the ones with faces on them.)

G Shock watch.

Kristin Crossbody Coach Bag

Colorful branded shoes~!

Can't put a price on shoes! Mum said it is best to go for the branded ones. May be costly but it'll definitely last and I agree to her statement. I'm not into heels so I like to go for shoes or flats. long as they're effing bright. xD 

Last but not least, a DOMO plush toy. *SQUEALS*

I've always liked colorful things, regardless of what they are. Even down to bottles of nail polish! I absolutely enjoy looking at bright colors. That is why I would love to own things that are super bright. When it comes to spending on expensive brands, I'd rather go all out then not at all.

Right now I can't afford anything~ I'll just wish that they'll fall from the sky. HAHAHA! dream on. Maybe one day; I could.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Slacking Off

A day without technology! xD

I hid myself from all of the gadgets within the house and decided to do lil things that I used to do back then. 

 I read up on my books. Even down to Enid Blyton's. I counted the tiles on the ceiling. 24 in the living room, 16 in the kitchen and 12 in my room. I dusted the lil trinkets at home which I haven't touch for ages. There's a bunny rabbit trinket. Awwww~ I started a role play among the swans and snails. (Odd. I know.) I laid around thinking about the future. What would be and what might have been. To end things, I sat on my front lawn and watched the sunset. A beautiful mixture of pink and orange I have ever seen. Must've looked pretty delusional out there; sitting cross legged in the middle of the driveway but hey! I don't shy away from making a fool out of myself.

Yet even after hours of no technology..still..can't help but missing individuals. ^^

I apologize if I missed anything today. It's just that I wanted to catch up on several stuff. And sorry again for not giving any sort of sound. I am absolutely broke!
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Friday, July 8, 2011


Expectations are the damnest thing in the world. I despise that word so very much. People expect so much from you or the other way which is..they expect nothing but the worst coming from you.

I know I'm not perfect. I know I make mistakes. Please don't compare me with yourself or others because I know my own capabilities. I wish you could see that too. I strive to be perfect; I want to shine in the eyes of people that I love but somehow that does not even matter; at times. When someone makes a mistake, instead of thinking of it as a tiny one and it can't be compared to many other good things that someone makes, that mistake will always overshadow the good points.

Is it so hard to just..let it go? Is it? 

Maybe not I guess. I am really sorry; again. It's not like I meant it to happen. Mistakes happen and I know that. I know you'll eventually forgive me. It is just painful, okay? To see disappointment in your eyes.

Try looking into mine and you'll probably see the same thing.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dull Day

G'day people! G'day my arse. I am..BORED. Now I know how it feels like to be a slacker. You know what slackers are? They are the people on the streets who goes around town..doing nothing. They sleep on the streets, they..well, that is what they do. Slackers mainly means people who have nothing better to do on a daily basis. And boy..lemme tell ya. It's a suckish way to live. But I am still living aren't I so YEAH! *high 5 self*

My day was somewhat bland. All I did was basically stare into space, did chores, ate my meals, played with my cats, scolded my cats for trashing the place, sleep, play Facebook, sleep some more, and a lil more of Facebook. Not to forget TV. then sent Dad to the airport. That was basically it. Hmmmmm..I had better days I assumed.

HO DIDDLY DO DATT!!!!! can't wait to get UPU results so that I can free myself of this dull situation. Yeah sure..being a way from family must be hard but MAN! Gimme something to live for already!!

For now, I should probably be thankful of this 6 months vacation that I have been given. I am sure there won't be more in the future so I'll just sit myself back down and calmly take it eaassssssyyyyy..

*Buries face in pillow*
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Being Stepped On

I know it's not nice but..I step on my brother. More than once.

^^ Not on purpose though. He sleeps right beside my bed; but on the floor. We lack of space in the house so yeah; we share the same room. 

I think he got used to it though. I stepped on him SO many times til he couldn't feel anymore. The first few times; he woke up and yelled at me. Now, if I ever step on him, he doesn't even fidget!! It's like I just stepped on a corpse! (Touch wood)

But anyways, I'm sorry lil bro. I'll be sure to feel my way in the dark before I rest my gigantic feet on you. 

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Assistance Acknowledged Brah~~

Thank you ever so much for helping me with the blog watchamacallit misshap. Apparently I'm still not at the stage where I am AWESOME at tweaking my blog. But hey, I can't please em' all. :D

KABLAM!! the far right who helped me. it is very strange that we did the same expression on the same day but different time. @_@ Mind has been flushed!

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows~~! Thanks again B. Much love, singing shower.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hope You're Ok

It alarms me to see that you're not happy. I wish I could do anything in my will power to help you be your cheery self again. 

But there's nothing I can do but listen to you. And the pang in my heart gets bigger because I am just standing on the other side of the line, listening to you;pouring your heart out.

What can I do?

All that I can do is just hoping that tomorrow will be a better day and'll be OK. 

Now I'm in a funk. Sigh~
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OOOHHHH..poor D.

poor Dad. tired til he slept while reading the paper.

After taking this picture, I stared at him for awhile; studying his face. He looks all stressed out. Wrinkles multiplying. Yet he somehow manages to have a big grin on his face whenever he comes home, not wanting to share negative vibes. Saying occasional lame jokes with me while he starts to get comfortable on the sofa. That's why I look up to him.

He has worked his A%& off trying to provide a living for his family. The road that he has taken is not easy yet he pulls through everytime and always...ALWAYS keep that sweet smile on his face.

Sometimes I do realize that I don't appreciate him enough. I groan over what's not within my grasp and occasionally compare my life with others. He can't always give me what I want yet he still tries his very best to get them. Now that I'm older, I see that.

My dad..always put other people's needs before his own. He wants nothing but the best for his family and others. And that just makes tears well up in my eyes. I have every intention to make him proud and to ease his burdens in life. I ever ask him once, "Dad, if you had  3 wishes, what would you ask for?" and he said,"I have everything that I want right here. Wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."


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Monday, July 4, 2011

If blinking helped.

I've always wondered how it would feel like to be completely oblivious to the mistakes done by myself and others. It's like not having to witness anything bad happening; right before your eyes. 

Back then, I've always seen it this way. If I kept my eyes closed for a little longer when a mistake happens, I get to see it magically disappear once I open my eyes. I always wish that if I do that, it'll go away. That mistake won't leave a permanent scar in my heart. It won't make me fall into a pit of darkness. It won't make me cry. But it's never like that. I can't keep shutting myself from seeing things happening around me and I definitely can't avoid them. If not, I wouldn't learn from it. And it wouldn't make me stronger. 

So now, instead of shutting my eyes, I kept them open.

I would not say that it doesn't hurt. Because it does. But hey, regrets and mistakes; they are memories made.
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mug Stealer!!

Ever since I got it I haven't got the ACTUAL chance to drink from it.

Know why???? Some infamous jerk took it.

Him and his JOHOR shirt; handling MY mug. PFFFFTTT.

Kidding dad. I love you.

But get your own mug.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sandy Water

Just found out there's a beach 20 mins away from my house!! WAZZHAT?? That shows I don't go out often. My gosh. 

Then why should I be surprise? I'm in Borneo. COURSE I'M SURROUNDED BY WATER. aishhh..idiot me.

Brother's habit. (Placing shirt over head)

Shadow mengantoikan diri taking self picture.

Now I shall be aware of this place and whenever any friends decide to stop by, imma bring them here.

While walking on the beach I can't help but think of...

OH! I just thought of one thing that has something to do with the beach. No matter how small your presence is in the world, you are sure to leave behind a footprint. Just like what the people in my life have done. :')

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F&F FAIR. pfffttt

My school's annual food and fun fair was held today. From 8a.m to 2p.m. I had the courtesy to arrive at 10a.m because I need enough beauty sleep. Eventually had to get up though. I thought the turn out this year won't be big because of the 1Malaysia run thingy but alas I was wrong. Apparently my school is really famous for this fair. Sell loads of stuff and pay through coupon money. WOOT!

Truth be told I had a difficult time to spend my RM30 because most of the things on sale were not that great. Not all but MOST of it. It was a tinge of disappointment for me as I had high hopes it'll be great. TOO BAD juniors. Your seniors are too damn awesome. We ruled back then. yeah.

I gave out most of my tickets but I got more free ones BACK. So I just randomly spend. For the sake of the school. The only proof that I was there is this.

SICK ASS TATTOO! *stick on*

The rest of the tickets I just handed them to random strangers. EHEHEHEHE!! Nonetheless, I had a good time. Meeting with teachers and old mates. Nothing is better than that. ^^

OH! I want to show you the shirt mum got for me.

No idea what it means but it's French so who cares?? xD

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Friday, July 1, 2011

July Gift

The best gift I got in the beginning of July.

The return of Mummy dearest from her 2 weeks course!

I shall await your return tonight!! XOXO

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