Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travel Dilemmas

GOSH! It's not fair!!!!! I was just browsing through this girl's blog and I am totally envious! She travels to different places like Hong Kong, London, Australia and Singapore. Why you so easy go travel but I so hard!!! Proves that money really makes the world go around. PFFFT. I can't even travel within the Borneo district without punching a huge hole in me pocket.

Back when I was a child, it was much more convenient because KIDS get special prices. I GOTS TO WEAR WINTER JUMPSUITS!!! Darn the adult size me.  If I had some sort of hocus pocus potion to turn myself into a kid again, I would so totally drink that sucker like Mountain Dew. But..there's no such thing. The only thing that's mind boggling in this world is The Almighty's powers. And Justin Bieber. =,=

But I'm very glad to say that I have gone travelling lately. To Johor Bahru to be exact. My first and only pleasures within my teenage years. It was sooooo totally worth it. A breath of fresh air from my hometown,Kuching. Scared to bits though when I was there. Felt like the sky was falling on me and big huge buildings within my radar. All unfamiliar things to me. @_@

The whole point of that trip was to see ma buddies anyways. Sight seeing was just the next best thing after that. Once I get back on West Malaysia land, I am totally gonna venture around places. Being in Sarawak; it's hard to get around let alone having parents who needs your undivided attention towards chores. Sigh~~

I shall patiently wait though for the future. I am not going to be some workaholic mother just yet. Travelling would be first. After that I am ready to settle down with my future family. *winks*


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