Sunday, June 26, 2011

Looking Back

Went through my old diaries. Photos. Blog.

Certainly could not figure out how I evolved from this kid :

To this :

I guess I've grown a little. Gotten new specs. Changed the hair-do. Better at English.(Previous blog was a horror to look at) Sense of style. Different dreams. Different goals. More Developed..but only by a little. =,=

One thing's for sure. Attitude wise..I'm still the disturbed young girl I was before.

I still pull funny faces every time a camera is around. I still switch on the lights before entering a room because I'm afraid of the dark. I still mumble a load of crap when I'm with friends. I still prefer having chocolate milk instead of the real deal. Glad to know I still have a part of my young-self.

When I look back at my past; the writings that I had done; the immature pictures that I had taken..I thought to myself, "This girl is a nut job!" I couldn't list down the grammar mistakes that I had made because there were too many. Now, I'm proud to say it's getting better. I couldn't BELIEVE I liked to do side glanced photos. Now, I still DO but at least it doesn't look all bitchy like. I think.

I guess experience has taught me to see things a bit different now. To be more of a person that I really am. Now, that to life. Changes happening right under your nose without you realizing it. It frightens me when I actually acknowledge that because I like to be on top of things before they turn into something else. But I can't predict my future and I certainly can't stop changes from happening. 

So far the changes that I have experienced have been mind-boggling. And I love every second of it.


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