Monday, June 20, 2011

Leave You At The Bus Stop

>.< Felt so guilty for not posting yesterday! Belom lagi regular blogger,dah malas. Haish..I was tired so I'll just blow it off. One day I miss..nevermind lah~~ Anyways..what was I talking about? Oh yeah! The title above. Pretty random. But those 5 words were made famous by my mum.

My bro and I..when we were young, we were pretty loud and dysfunctional. xD Weren't we all,ey? We were very jumpy and screamed the whole time whenever we're in the car. See how we crave for car rides??

So yeah..we yelled,fought,jumped in the car. Then somewhere in the midst of that, Mum or Dad would be driving but Mum would always speak up first. "If the two of you don't sit still, I'm going to leave the both of you at the bus stop. You hear me?" Whenever she says those words,we'll keep quiet but at times we don't. xD So at those RARE times, she would really ask my dad to pullover and she opened the door for us,gently. 

Baru diam. 

AHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm going to use that trick on my kids one day. Works like a charm.


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