Saturday, June 25, 2011

I said What Now??

Living in Sarawak; you have to get used to the different languages. The most popular language here is Hokkien. Apparently Kuchingites(Kuching people) are famous for that. So yeah.

I'm surrounded by many Hokkien speaking people so I thought it would be best for me to learn from them. It's not easy because there could be one word that has a lot of meanings. You just have pronounce it right. So I gave it a try.

One faithful evening, I went out with my cousin who came back from Canada. He knows ZILCH on our slang so he picked out some of the words he learn from his Chinese side of the family. We had dinner together and were in the midst of ordering. After I was done I thought it would be best for me to try out Hokkien words as the waitress is Chinese. I said "KAM SAI" which I thought was "Thank you" in Hokkien. My Canadian cousin did the same. By the looks of the waitress, we must've said the wrong thing.

I called up my friend to ask what it meant. Apparently I just told the waitress "GO SUCK SHIT." Oh My God!!!!!! "KAM SIA" is "Thank you"

Anyways, if you wanna curse somebody, just use that. I won't be using it anymore though. Still embarassed by the whole ordeal. =,=


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