Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I feel so Datin.

xD I love being a Datin sometimes. Not often you get that sort of attention from people so those rare moments I shall suck it dry! FUHHHHHHH...

Datin mode only comes when I go and accompany my dad to visit his school. He likes to be all busy body and checks on his students. Which is a good thing! Just like he treats his kids. His school has only 300 students so that is why he's very close with them. And they worship him. @_@ When they worship your father, of course they worship the same bloodline? Am I right?? *air high 5*

So tonight he brought us to see their progress in their musical/dance/art productions and stuff. He went ZIP* here and ZIP* there to see the different groups. My bro and I stayed out of the limelight. We just had to be within his radar. But noooooo..he had to drag us in front of all of them while they're practicing.

Then the eye-gapping begins. Excited whispers. Felt like superstars, man. 

So I had to suck in my stomach, stand tall, smile at everyone I see. That is what Datins do!!!

Still feels good though but I don't want to do it often. Nobody can handle that type of attention. Yessshhh..


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