Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Teacher.

The date : 29th June 1970 something! I think it was 1970 something. =,=

Anyways, A LEGEND IS BORN!! This is my teacher. The awesomest of them all :


Sangatlah me..

I had wonderful memories with her. She is the Life of the Party back in high school. The one who is able to connect with the students without breaking a sweat! The funny cookoo teacher that holds a special place in my heart. 

What made her so different from the rest is her personality. She's always been strict about rules yet she made rules FUN. Everything that she taught, she gave emotion and gave us action so that we were able to participate in the lesson. She's always been very confident of herself. The first class with her, she said, "All of you are in the presence of the most beautiful woman in the world. Me. Okay~ I'm joking! But is me." See?? What is not to love about her?? xD

She cares for her students like a mother would do to a child. If you have a cold, she'll bring you down to the school's clinic. If you are sad, she is there to hold your hand and listen while you babble. If you did really well in exams, she'll be cheering you on. If you needed someone, she'll be there.

Her classes are seriously EPIC. She makes fun of herself and would ask us to sing and dance with her; while completing homework that is. Then she'll mess with you by using sarcastic jokes. Sigh~ She loves to do the Chicken Dance especially. Why do you think I've gotten so good at it??

Best of all, she actually loves each and everyone of us. She's not just our teacher, she's our friend. I am so pleased to have met her and actually be her student. It is to this day I would celebrate this day where I believe that one of God's greatest creation is born.

Happy Birthday Teacher. May you live a long wealthy life and I hope you will gain happiness in the world. You've brighten other peoples' life and they too, shall return the favor.  I love you. Always will. ^^


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