Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Global Warming.

So BLOODY hot!!! I think this month has been the hottest all year!

Now all I do is sleep, eat, take countless showers, sleep some more. All due to the weather. I would love to exercise but that would be crazy! I would turn into a burnt marshmallow just as soon as I step outside. Pfffttt..No way~ No more burnt marshmallow image. I worked hard to keep the shade of my skin right now. What I did was.....stay indoors. WOOH! and when I step outside, if the sun starts to heat up I run as fast as I could to the nearest shade. Yes..it will look weird to the public eye but who cares? ^^

Today is even worse!! The house was in a major black out. For a whole hour! I was sweating like a pig!! Felt so dried up..like ikan masin. =,= ergghh 

Very hard to live without electricity. The most essential electronic device in my house is the air-cond. But..our family is trying to cut down on it because our electric bill raised till RM400+! YOU SAY WHAT NOW??

Yeah..so we're trying to lessen our carbon footprint. Let's hope it works, ey??

Be sure to wear shades outside! Don't want to spoil your eyesight. Mine already is. @_@


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