Saturday, June 25, 2011

A..I'm gonna see you.

I'm going to see you today and I don't feel like sleeping. I have this weird gutsy feeling that I'm going to feel angry or sad when I'll get a glance at you. I want to be happy for you because you seem to be happy but how am I sure that you are?

You've been my friend since we were little kids. We go way back. You used to tie your hair in pig tails and we used to share the same juice box. You were there for me when I was afraid to go into the school's toilet. You laughed when I fell off my chair then offered me a hand. You helped blow on my bleeding knee when I fell down. I loved that girl. Where is she now?

Back in high school we got a little distant. You had your own group of friends and I had mine. But we still were very close. You did something inappropriate that I did not approve of. I tried to hand you words but you brushed them off. You didn't even want to hear what I have to say. :'( But're my friend.

Now you're at a place where I can't even see the real you. You pretended like nothing happened and it was back to the ol' days. I wish I can see it like you do but no. I don't. I'm still going to be there for you though. I'll do my best to bring support because I know that a positive environment is needed right now. 

I still do wish that you could rewind back to the past and be the pig tail hair girl that I love so dearly.


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