Thursday, June 30, 2011

Travel Dilemmas

GOSH! It's not fair!!!!! I was just browsing through this girl's blog and I am totally envious! She travels to different places like Hong Kong, London, Australia and Singapore. Why you so easy go travel but I so hard!!! Proves that money really makes the world go around. PFFFT. I can't even travel within the Borneo district without punching a huge hole in me pocket.

Back when I was a child, it was much more convenient because KIDS get special prices. I GOTS TO WEAR WINTER JUMPSUITS!!! Darn the adult size me.  If I had some sort of hocus pocus potion to turn myself into a kid again, I would so totally drink that sucker like Mountain Dew. But..there's no such thing. The only thing that's mind boggling in this world is The Almighty's powers. And Justin Bieber. =,=

But I'm very glad to say that I have gone travelling lately. To Johor Bahru to be exact. My first and only pleasures within my teenage years. It was sooooo totally worth it. A breath of fresh air from my hometown,Kuching. Scared to bits though when I was there. Felt like the sky was falling on me and big huge buildings within my radar. All unfamiliar things to me. @_@

The whole point of that trip was to see ma buddies anyways. Sight seeing was just the next best thing after that. Once I get back on West Malaysia land, I am totally gonna venture around places. Being in Sarawak; it's hard to get around let alone having parents who needs your undivided attention towards chores. Sigh~~

I shall patiently wait though for the future. I am not going to be some workaholic mother just yet. Travelling would be first. After that I am ready to settle down with my future family. *winks*

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Teacher.

The date : 29th June 1970 something! I think it was 1970 something. =,=

Anyways, A LEGEND IS BORN!! This is my teacher. The awesomest of them all :


Sangatlah me..

I had wonderful memories with her. She is the Life of the Party back in high school. The one who is able to connect with the students without breaking a sweat! The funny cookoo teacher that holds a special place in my heart. 

What made her so different from the rest is her personality. She's always been strict about rules yet she made rules FUN. Everything that she taught, she gave emotion and gave us action so that we were able to participate in the lesson. She's always been very confident of herself. The first class with her, she said, "All of you are in the presence of the most beautiful woman in the world. Me. Okay~ I'm joking! But is me." See?? What is not to love about her?? xD

She cares for her students like a mother would do to a child. If you have a cold, she'll bring you down to the school's clinic. If you are sad, she is there to hold your hand and listen while you babble. If you did really well in exams, she'll be cheering you on. If you needed someone, she'll be there.

Her classes are seriously EPIC. She makes fun of herself and would ask us to sing and dance with her; while completing homework that is. Then she'll mess with you by using sarcastic jokes. Sigh~ She loves to do the Chicken Dance especially. Why do you think I've gotten so good at it??

Best of all, she actually loves each and everyone of us. She's not just our teacher, she's our friend. I am so pleased to have met her and actually be her student. It is to this day I would celebrate this day where I believe that one of God's greatest creation is born.

Happy Birthday Teacher. May you live a long wealthy life and I hope you will gain happiness in the world. You've brighten other peoples' life and they too, shall return the favor.  I love you. Always will. ^^

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hole in my Heart

I'm not upset or anything. I'm just missing a lot of people. Too many to be exact. Somehow being an ex-TESLian, I can't stray from this topic. :'( I tried so hard to let go but the more I try,the more the hole in my heart seems to be expanding. I want to say that I don't feel anything for these past few months but that is just a load of crap. I MISS ALL OF YOU. Why must we part? It's not fair.

The TESL group was so much like my family. Back in Semenanjung, they were the ones who guided me and pulled me to the right direction. They were the ones who made my uni life worth living. They were the breath of fresh air that I needed in order to be who I am today. We were inseparable; a group of students who cling unto each other out of love~

We used to synchronize our clothings. ^^

We used to just sit with random people, regardless of diff. classes

Climbed the highest stair together. xP

We did everything together, even sports.

The individuals that made my life sunny bright :

  • First would be my roomate, Unnie. She has put up with me ever since we were together in first sem. She's the gal who was there when I felt sick and fed me porridge. She was the ORGANIZED one in our room and I couldn't be more thankful. She was my copy because we had countless similarities.

  • My two neighbours, Ika and Nana. Such a riot being friends with them. xD A duo filled with surprises and I enjoyed every second with them. One is nuts and loves to share her Senario jokes which I don't get and the other is just a ball of cute-ness. Overall, two perfect souls.

  • Efah and Erny. Two completely different people yet they put up with each other for 2 sems. I loved watching them brawl over small stuff as one is a neat freak and the other is..well..the opposite. I spent most of my days with them too; being on the same level. Efah who has been my partner in crime during class. Erny being my video-making partner~~ I couldn't ask for better friends than these two.

  • Atin and Ila. EHEHEHEHE! Haven't even started and ALREADY I'M gushing over them. Atin is the cuddly bear of our course and the famous fashionista. She has a heart of gold; just like Ila! Ila is more motherly in some way so that's why I always felt homesick whenever I'm around her. My Kak Long. :)

  • And how can I forget this peachy angel which I care for dearly? My Meia. My OH.(Other Half) I would have the most randomest moments with her. Someone who I wouldn't expect to understand me yet she does. We're close but we're not that close. Get it?? I don't. Anyways, some way or another, she's always the one on my mind no matter how hard I try to scrub her off. xD I love her to the depths of my heart.

I have plenty more to miss but I can't fit them all here!!!

The girls! I miss them so~

The boys are absent because they're too macho to take a group picture. ahahaha! None the less, I miss them too.

Each and everyone of them have a piece of my heart because they took it with them. That explains the HOLE. Each of them embedded a special memory in me and I am so happy they are a part of my life. I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long.  If we're in each other's dreams, we can play together all night.  

This could be the death of me someday..missing people way too much. 

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Why everytime friends meet up we get all HYPER and become crazed monkeys in an instant?

Because we know ourselves too well that we feel there's no need to be fake and we are free to express ourselves. Because we know they will totally understand and start joining you. :)

Instead of judging you.

So why not run around and make a scene.

Why not put on a funny hat.

Why not climb trees.

And WHY NOT take sexual oriented pictures? =,=

Friends make you do crazy stuff. But that does not mean it's not fun. ^^ 
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Stoopid Cats

If it weren't for my Mum who is a Cat-loving crazed lady, those cats would be OUTTA HERE I tell you. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Stupid.

Wouldn't stop jumping on things, crashing into wall while running really fast, toppling over things that are NOT suppose to be toppled over.

AND they like to get into noisy fights. When one starts whining, I have to break it up. little kids. Too often I have to do it. Tonight really drove me to the boiling point. So I decided to throw a tin can at the two cats who were fighting. Baru diam. Second time they fight, I threw the Remote Control. 


Now..I have to get a new remote control. =,=

p.s Anybody wants rowdy persian cats? I'm willing to smuggle them out and sell them for RM5 each. Wait..RM1 each. Attitude problem.
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Looking Back

Went through my old diaries. Photos. Blog.

Certainly could not figure out how I evolved from this kid :

To this :

I guess I've grown a little. Gotten new specs. Changed the hair-do. Better at English.(Previous blog was a horror to look at) Sense of style. Different dreams. Different goals. More Developed..but only by a little. =,=

One thing's for sure. Attitude wise..I'm still the disturbed young girl I was before.

I still pull funny faces every time a camera is around. I still switch on the lights before entering a room because I'm afraid of the dark. I still mumble a load of crap when I'm with friends. I still prefer having chocolate milk instead of the real deal. Glad to know I still have a part of my young-self.

When I look back at my past; the writings that I had done; the immature pictures that I had taken..I thought to myself, "This girl is a nut job!" I couldn't list down the grammar mistakes that I had made because there were too many. Now, I'm proud to say it's getting better. I couldn't BELIEVE I liked to do side glanced photos. Now, I still DO but at least it doesn't look all bitchy like. I think.

I guess experience has taught me to see things a bit different now. To be more of a person that I really am. Now, that to life. Changes happening right under your nose without you realizing it. It frightens me when I actually acknowledge that because I like to be on top of things before they turn into something else. But I can't predict my future and I certainly can't stop changes from happening. 

So far the changes that I have experienced have been mind-boggling. And I love every second of it.
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You'll Be In My Heart

I used to love watching Tarzan the movie and the song that I loved the most was this one.

Okay. Nothing to talk about for now. Kbye!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I said What Now??

Living in Sarawak; you have to get used to the different languages. The most popular language here is Hokkien. Apparently Kuchingites(Kuching people) are famous for that. So yeah.

I'm surrounded by many Hokkien speaking people so I thought it would be best for me to learn from them. It's not easy because there could be one word that has a lot of meanings. You just have pronounce it right. So I gave it a try.

One faithful evening, I went out with my cousin who came back from Canada. He knows ZILCH on our slang so he picked out some of the words he learn from his Chinese side of the family. We had dinner together and were in the midst of ordering. After I was done I thought it would be best for me to try out Hokkien words as the waitress is Chinese. I said "KAM SAI" which I thought was "Thank you" in Hokkien. My Canadian cousin did the same. By the looks of the waitress, we must've said the wrong thing.

I called up my friend to ask what it meant. Apparently I just told the waitress "GO SUCK SHIT." Oh My God!!!!!! "KAM SIA" is "Thank you"

Anyways, if you wanna curse somebody, just use that. I won't be using it anymore though. Still embarassed by the whole ordeal. =,=
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A..I'm gonna see you.

I'm going to see you today and I don't feel like sleeping. I have this weird gutsy feeling that I'm going to feel angry or sad when I'll get a glance at you. I want to be happy for you because you seem to be happy but how am I sure that you are?

You've been my friend since we were little kids. We go way back. You used to tie your hair in pig tails and we used to share the same juice box. You were there for me when I was afraid to go into the school's toilet. You laughed when I fell off my chair then offered me a hand. You helped blow on my bleeding knee when I fell down. I loved that girl. Where is she now?

Back in high school we got a little distant. You had your own group of friends and I had mine. But we still were very close. You did something inappropriate that I did not approve of. I tried to hand you words but you brushed them off. You didn't even want to hear what I have to say. :'( But're my friend.

Now you're at a place where I can't even see the real you. You pretended like nothing happened and it was back to the ol' days. I wish I can see it like you do but no. I don't. I'm still going to be there for you though. I'll do my best to bring support because I know that a positive environment is needed right now. 

I still do wish that you could rewind back to the past and be the pig tail hair girl that I love so dearly.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I feel so Datin.

xD I love being a Datin sometimes. Not often you get that sort of attention from people so those rare moments I shall suck it dry! FUHHHHHHH...

Datin mode only comes when I go and accompany my dad to visit his school. He likes to be all busy body and checks on his students. Which is a good thing! Just like he treats his kids. His school has only 300 students so that is why he's very close with them. And they worship him. @_@ When they worship your father, of course they worship the same bloodline? Am I right?? *air high 5*

So tonight he brought us to see their progress in their musical/dance/art productions and stuff. He went ZIP* here and ZIP* there to see the different groups. My bro and I stayed out of the limelight. We just had to be within his radar. But noooooo..he had to drag us in front of all of them while they're practicing.

Then the eye-gapping begins. Excited whispers. Felt like superstars, man. 

So I had to suck in my stomach, stand tall, smile at everyone I see. That is what Datins do!!!

Still feels good though but I don't want to do it often. Nobody can handle that type of attention. Yessshhh..
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Global Warming.

So BLOODY hot!!! I think this month has been the hottest all year!

Now all I do is sleep, eat, take countless showers, sleep some more. All due to the weather. I would love to exercise but that would be crazy! I would turn into a burnt marshmallow just as soon as I step outside. Pfffttt..No way~ No more burnt marshmallow image. I worked hard to keep the shade of my skin right now. What I did was.....stay indoors. WOOH! and when I step outside, if the sun starts to heat up I run as fast as I could to the nearest shade. will look weird to the public eye but who cares? ^^

Today is even worse!! The house was in a major black out. For a whole hour! I was sweating like a pig!! Felt so dried ikan masin. =,= ergghh 

Very hard to live without electricity. The most essential electronic device in my house is the air-cond. But..our family is trying to cut down on it because our electric bill raised till RM400+! YOU SAY WHAT NOW?? we're trying to lessen our carbon footprint. Let's hope it works, ey??

Be sure to wear shades outside! Don't want to spoil your eyesight. Mine already is. @_@
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Leave You At The Bus Stop

>.< Felt so guilty for not posting yesterday! Belom lagi regular blogger,dah malas. Haish..I was tired so I'll just blow it off. One day I miss..nevermind lah~~ Anyways..what was I talking about? Oh yeah! The title above. Pretty random. But those 5 words were made famous by my mum.

My bro and I..when we were young, we were pretty loud and dysfunctional. xD Weren't we all,ey? We were very jumpy and screamed the whole time whenever we're in the car. See how we crave for car rides??

So yeah..we yelled,fought,jumped in the car. Then somewhere in the midst of that, Mum or Dad would be driving but Mum would always speak up first. "If the two of you don't sit still, I'm going to leave the both of you at the bus stop. You hear me?" Whenever she says those words,we'll keep quiet but at times we don't. xD So at those RARE times, she would really ask my dad to pullover and she opened the door for us,gently. 

Baru diam. 

AHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm going to use that trick on my kids one day. Works like a charm.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crunch Time!

As you all know..Father's Day is tomorrow and I have zilch to give to my dad! No idea what to get a man his age so I went out and grab what I thought he needed. Boxers. @_@

So embarrassing to go into the men's department looking at boxes which have half naked men wearing briefs. Gosh..I prayed so hard no one would recognize me. I could've sworn the cashier lady was chuckling at me. 

I felt that briefs should not be his only present so I'm going to make him something. Not a card. I bought one. Not a home-made gift. (What's the boxers for??) No. I feel that I can only think of one thing. VIDEO. So far that's the only thing I'm decently good at. So! I'll be awake from midnight til...I'm done with it. So that he doesn't catch me recording. *Crack knuckles* I'm gonna do it for you Dad! 

Hope you'll like it! I'm racking my brain now.

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I Told.

That was a relief~ getting that off my chest. 

Anyways, just told my other half about this conspicuous blog. Hurrah!! Dance on table**

But now...I'm embarrassed! Like somehow has streak me from my clothes. Uggghhhh..EXPOSED. @_@

I won't be hearing from you my other half. A week sure feels like a thousand years away but a challenge is still a challenge. I'm sure you'll do fine without me. But it won't make it easier for me, would it? :'( Aish..buck up sassy pants! 

Now what to write about? Errrrr..I go eat mee. KBye.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bro's Messed Up Hair


Couldn't stop eye-ing my brother's hair when I picked him up from school today. Apparently there was a surprise hair inspection in school and..I guessed correctly. He got his hair bamboozeld by the school authorities. That's what you get when you're in an ALL BOY'S SCHOOL. Stricter rules and no messing around with the law.

Mum and I told him off..twice. Told him to get his butt down to the barber shop but noooo..He just had to stall. "I can go later" or "No need hair looks fine." Well now it looks 'fine'. AHAHAHAHA!! I'm bringing him down to the barber shop later to fix the cut but I manage to sneak a picture of him while he was napping.

Side burn all messed up. xD

If he continue this, he's going to have to cover his head with a towel. Like this!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Out With Bai

After a long period of time, I get to go out!! WOO HOO!! And who better to hang out with if not you, BAI?? felt good spending time with you after so long being apart. It's nice that it's just the two of us. Hanging, talking about mindless crap, beating each other up with hard lollipops. did that. Not me. OUCH btw!! Lollipops should be enlisted under dangerous weapon sections. My God. Boleh bengkak tangan oh!

Anyways, I didn't take many photos. I had only....*counting*..3. So yeah! There were more talking moments than taking picture moments. But the memories~ forever in my mind.

BAI~ pretending to like the Beans. Blegghh~

We didn't eat much. @_@ shocking.

Bunny hat.

I'll see you off before you go back to IPG dude. I wish you the best in the future and may we cross paths once more. ^^

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Time Favorite Movie

I watched it this morning. xD WAHHHHH~~ so awesome!

This movie takes me way back..year 1999 was the first time I saw it. At the age where I can enjoy it. Ehehehe~ Of course it doesn't make sense where 2 complete strangers are born twins. INSANE and RIDICULOUS but that does not make it less awesome. is it that they could meet at the same place where this rich entrepeneur lives who is also the father of one twin who's handsome and kind. Not to mention he's going to marry some bitch who's after his money. Then this down to earth, beautiful, caring woman enters the picture and once they meet *POOF* sparks fly and the feeling of can't-sleep, can't-eat, reach-for-the-stars,over-the-fence,world-series-kind-of-stuff happens within them.

I am truly amazed at how this director came up with this sort of story line. I watched this more than 10 times and STILL I'm not tired of it. *Sigh*..why can't malay movies be more like this? Not that I'm criticizing but I've never been a fan of malay movies except for the late Yasmin Ahmad's productions. Genius~
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Meia Ameruddin.

I've been meaning to write about you for quite sometime so here it is. TADAAAA~~ (jazz hands)

I've always wondered how on Earth we became friends. We had two separate groups of friends and we hardly say a word to each other in the beginning of first sem. Occasionally I would bump into you in Lekiu but you looked all POWERFUL and SCARY with your posse that I never had the guts to start the conversation. But I did compliment your slipper T-shirt once. I guess those were the first words I said to you. That seems pureeettttyyyy pathetic. =,=

Anywho, you don't really know this but you were or still are; very popular. Always I would hear your name ring in my ears and I thought once.."That's a very nice name and it suited you." Meia. Honest to bits, I could only remember one part of us being friends and that was during Independence Day. One way or another, we clicked and decided to lay on the badminton court talking bout random crap.

After that, we were instant friends~! We don't hang out often but the times that we had I will cherish them forever. The random talks at the end of the corridor, the drunk-sleep-deprived topics, the crushing-your-bones-by-lying-on-you moments..EPIC. We didn't take many photos together but I'll just display ones I have.

Most of them are from you so just get used to seeing them. :D 

I want to say many things to you but I'll just squeeze them all in one post. Okay here goes! 

Dear Pretty,

Never in my life would I expect to meet anyone like you. You're funny, outgoing, sweet, caring, beautiful and all other things that I wish I could be. I thank Allah everyday for presenting you in my life. My life has always been bright..but by the time you arrived, it was sooo neon bright that I might have to use sunglasses! Thank you for being there for me when I need you. Thank you for sharing the crazy moments we've had. Thank you for being one of the stars that lights up my sky.Thank you for being the reason why I smile. Thank you..for being my other half. I wish nothing but the best for you and just so you know I'd go to the end of the world for you. I've already crossed the ocean just to see you so you know I mean it. I miss you so much~ Never a day do I not come across your name in my contact list. Never a day do I not look at your photos in FB. Never a day do I not think about you or how you are doing. I heart you dude. I heart you more than life itself.

quoted from Winnie The Pooh

p.s Please forgive me for not showing you this before. I was shy to show it. Eventually you'll know about this.
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Call From Fish Fryer

B!!!!! I really didn't expect your call. :') I liked it. You wouldn't believe how cheery I was after I got your call.

Weird though to get a call from you. You want to know how it went when I got your call? It went like this.

*Driving in car with bro by my side* All of a sudden, my phone rang~! Do you remember my ringtone? @_@

Me : *Terkejut skejap* I should really change that ringtone. =,= Del, Help me see who is it.
Bro : *Rummaging through my bag* Damn! Why so many pockets?? So hard to fi..oh! Found it! What the??
Me : What? Who is it?
Bro : I don't know~ It's such an odd number. 03? UUUUUU~~ someone's in trouble.
Me : You're an idiot. Help me put it on speaker. Just hold it to my ear.
Bro : Say please~
Me : Please asshole can you help me with the phone?
Bro : Much better. But there's no need to call me an asshole. Sheesh~

Then you said "Assalamualaikum~". I thought "Oh My God. I am in trouble." Turns out it was you!! :D You scared the shit outta me dude. I thought something was up or you were sick or there's bad news. EHEHEHE! I can be overly dramatic. But thanks again. Usually I'd be the one calling but tu pun you never pick up. Such a pleasant surprise. My heart is all rainbow-ie~~ You sounded funny; in a good way though. So nice to hear from you after months apart. This is what we should do often. Just call up to ask how are things. 

Maybe if we do that often, it won't feel like a separation, you know? Gosh..look at me. Blogging about a phone call. I'm such a noob at this. I wanted to express this feeling though so I guess I'm not wrong.

Missing our crazy times together dude!! Let's meet up on someone's roof one day. xD

Friendple Dae. 

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My mind went ........

Continuation of being part zombie. It's not at all bad actually; being lifeless I mean. You don't have to walk so energetically. You just drag your feet around which means less work. WOOH!

I felt empty as well. That part I don't like. I was not sad but I was not happy either. I'm..nothing. @_@ Just imagine me like this : Dragging me feet around, hunched up, saying "AAAAAA..." when I walk. Trust me. I looked AWESOME.

The weirdest part was that I turned down my family's offer to go out. WHHAAAAA..why did I do that? Who knows..For me, I would always jump at the chance of going out with family but today I didn't feel like it. So I stayed home. ALONE. Home Alone The Movie (Sarawak version. WOOH!) I ran around the house, sat on the floor; blanking out, watched movies on HBO(He's Just Not That Into You) and Disney Channel. *The movie that I watched was Lizzie Mcguire movie. Haish..I wished some handsome stranger who mistaken me for his superstar friend took me under his wing then taking me on a red scooter; going around Rome.*I also lipat baju. Exciting~~ but I did enjoy it. quality time for meself!

I'm good now!! Surprisingly more energetic at night than in the morning. Omaigosh~! Imma Vampire.
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I Be Zombie

Waking up this morning was soooooooooooo hard. My body is aching so that's why I'm dragging myself around the house like a mindless zombie. The cause of this disability is....SQUASH.

Yeap! Pretty smart of me to go play squash after being away from it for quite sometime. Last time I played was 2 years ago. So you could just imagine how terrible my stamina is. The time I stride into the court I was like, "WATCH OUT NICOLE DAVID. A new star is born." 15 mins into the game, KAPOOT. Died.

But of course the game had to go on. I swung and twirled to catch the ball. Felt like an idiot though because it seemed like the WALL was winning and I was the one panting. Damn you Wall.

A day after that game I feel lousy. Not to mention tired, sore and brain dead. I can't even raise my arms without wincing. =,= But it's alright! I had a great time with my gals and laughing non stop at how we were playing. I wish I could show pictures but I didn't take any. Let's just wait til my friend tags me in FB.

Until then, I'll just lie in bed..moaning in pain. TOODLE-LOO~
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Friday, June 10, 2011

VW confusion

As you all know the existence of the exquisite Volkswagen has added color to most our lives. Wow~ superbly exaggerated. Anywho..this car label takes me back to my own childhood days.

Back then, I thought the VW stands for something else. I was a kid so it was alright but if I did that again NOW, around my age. That is unacceptable!

When I was young, we used to go for car rides very often; at least twice a week. And let me tell you that in my city it was very rare to find this sort of car. So whenever I come across it, I'll jump up and point; saying, "Look look! Very Wonderful car! Can we get one of those?" Mum or Dad would be busy driving so they'll just agree with the VW term even if they know it's wrong. So yes. That is it. I called a Volkswagen car as Very Wonderful. =,=

I must should be called Very Wonderful though. Sounds catchier. xD
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Music Bowl? @_@

I have this strange habit of bringing my phone along with me in the bathroom. Sensitive issue? Not my problem, brah! I wish to share this habit and let me tell's not at all bad.

When you're in the bathroom, you realize there is an awkward silence and I can't DEAL with that. There must be noise. Wajib! So it begins the music blaring phone. Once it is switched on, BAM! Exercise begins!

It is not nice whenever you sweat after a gruelling workout. You get all heaty and flustered~ But in the showers you can do that without even sweating! Priceless~~

The effects of doing this are :

1 - It'll piss your parents off because the music is too loud and who on earth brings their player/handphone in the bathroom?? (I do.)

2 - You would be completely oblivious to your surroundings. Lupa dunia~~ That'll just piss more people off.

3 - You might spoil your phone. Water exposure~

Be sure to wrap it in plastic to avoid spoiling your electronic device of choice. :D

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"You Okay?"

The question that I always direct at someone even if I know they're okay. But sometimes you can't help but wonder..Are they really okay? So you ask..again and again until you're sure that the individual is fine. This is such a random post of mine but I can't help but saying it.

At times I know it's inappropriate to ask the question because it can annoy people after they've given you their answer which is usually YES. But..I always have doubts with the answer YES. So the repetition begins!! must know why I want to be a part of your problems. Because I want to be a part of you (whichever friend that I interrogate). So that I can help to ease your throbbing head from thinking too much. Or I can kick the person that's hurting you in the aaa...buttocks. Or..I can just hold your hand; look into your eyes and say, "Things will get better." 

So! Instead of you being sad on your own, you can have ME as your crying buddy; your shoulder-to-cry-on; your...anything. As long as you feel better. I would go through extra lengths to be there for you. Honest.

Just hold out your hand. I'll reach for it and I won't let you go. ^^

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

*SOB song

I've been listening to the same song again and again. Cepat emo oh if I listen to this.

The song really cut deep into me. Just today I cycled while listening to it so you could imagine the scrunched up face I was showing. Come to think of it I must've looked like a lunatic. But makes you feel. :)

The part of the lyric that I really liked is this.."Don't let me go..Don't make me hold on, when you're not."

Bravo Click Five.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tales of the day I wish to be in UiTM once more. Yes, the work may be gruelling but at least I'm doing it for my own benefit. Back here, I'm just my family's SUPIR. Pffttt... Just today, I drove all around town for my bro. Damn him and his futsal. Good though that he does have something to do. I'm just busy being sick. HACCHUU!

In the meantime of me waiting for him to finish futsal, I went back to my old school. Turns out they tweaked the school by A LOT. Especially the hall. Fuuhhhh..It used to be all dusty and so unappealing but's still dusty BUT they added mirrors on stage. Probably for the ballerinas of our school. So I took the opportunity to  take a picture.

I also ran into my most favourite teacher in the whole wide world, Ms. Susie.
The picture was all blurry because it was cold in the office and I myself had a COLD. =,=

Went back home and catched up with my beloved Astro but not long after that I decided to ride my bike to meet Bainun, a good friend of mine who just got back from IPG selangor. She was shocked to see me on my bike;panting right in front of her house. I was surprised myself that I could ride that far.(We live in different neighbourhoods) I miss her so~~ It was good to catch up with her and it was totally worth the cycling. I like to do that. Going the distance for people. It's nice. ^^

To end the day with grace I got a call from the girl closest to my heart, Meia. Took me off guard though because she was using her mum's number. It's nice to hear her voice from time to time. Takes of the 'kerinduan' for me. We don't say much but knowing that she's on the other side of the phone just fills me heart with a bunch of marshmallows. :D 

Goodnight munchkins! Don't forget to wash your feet and say your prayers before you go to bed.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Sounding like a man.

Oh gosh. I hate falling sick especially when it comes to the sniffles. Now every time I speak, my bro would laugh at me. Tunggu saja you little twerp. Little did you know I took a sip from your beverage today. MUAHAHAHAHA~!!! But then it would be hard if the both of us fall sick soooo I swapped mine with his. =,= So difficult to be evil...

The rest of the day I spent it by laying around the house and dozing off in front of the TV. Then I started mumbling crazy stuff. God knows what I said but I'm sure it was amusing to my family because there were a lot of raised eyebrows and LOL-ling going around. When you're sick, that happens.

Mum went off to KK(Kota Kinabalu) today. We sent her off. It was her lil vacation treat as she just finished her Master's assignment. I must've been like that too when I did my assignments. Jumping around; high 5-ving everyone. Like mother, like daughter ey??

To conclude this post (waiseh..macam essay pulak) I wanted to mention about Adele's song-Someone like you. It hit me real close. I just want to say that, "She could give you things that I couldn't give you."

That is all. Take care of your health people who's reading this but of course there's no one except for you lah Wang. ^^
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THAT time of Month

I hate this cycle of WOMANHOOD. If I had a choice~! But that's how life is,ey? Ok..better change subject. This is not something to be bragged about, is it?

Today is very mellow~~ Easy going and laid back. It is a Sunday after all. I did a few errands for Mum though and I realized something when I was driving. The clouds looked extra cotton candy-ish today! So I took a couple of shots. I'm no pro but they didn't turn out that bad. Too much editing though.

 First cloud of cotton candy~

 A car. what? @_@

 Damn you blue sky 4 looking so good.

I played around with bandages. PINK=TESL

The clouds were sooooo pretty that I decided to call up my other half,Meia just to tell her that they look nice. ^^

Anyways, I drove with Mum to her office just to take saw it right. A fish is the reason why we drove to her office. YOU BETTER THANK ME FISHY! Since he's been in the office for quite sometime, I decided to raise him up like the monkey did with Simba and said,"Look fishy. The world~". It was only the parking lot but what he doesn't know wouldn't hurt!

The weirdest part is that Mum coos over him like a cat. Like he understands~~ All he did was, "BLOOP BLOOP" in his small fish bowl. =,=

I had to post this a day late cuz DAD hogged the broadband. WHY DAD? There goes my 'one post a day' streak.
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Why No Boyfriend?"

I get this question often and I'm starting to question it myself. TRUE! Why no boyfriend?? I am already at the age where it is okay to have one. So why don't I start looking?

Well. That's the thing. I don't want to look. I've always believed that the right one would just appear right in front of my eyes. Someone that I know would be destined to be my husband one day. 

Yeah..that's probably impossible but I'm sticking to it. It's not that I'm choosy or I play hard to get. I don't want to get hurt or crush anybody else. It is not right; going around hurting people. Let alone getting hurt.

Plus, there are other things to look forward to first. Appreciating family and friends, graduating(Amin.), going on adventures, travelling and eventually having your first proper pay-check from your first PROPER job. There is no rush to find true love. Love will come.

Besides, I'm pretty content with how my life is right now. ^^ I don't need drama in my life; I have more than enough coming from my family and friends. Not that I'm complaining. They've always been the highlights of my life.

For now, I'll just polish myself up to be a good daughter,relative and friend. In the process I can become a good girlfriend. Someday. ^^

Now, I'll just settle to be a super-duper-happy-SINGLE-girl.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Silly Granny~

I believe my granny deserves a post because she is so WORTH writing about. The name's Agatha Betty Muda; mother to my mother. Never a day does she not surprise me with random things. Just this morning she started her crazy antics. She woke me up at 6.30a.m
(MY GOD!) to bring her to the market to get some meat. So you can just imagine my reaction since i'm not really a 'morning' person. But..she is my granny so I had to wake up. WHYYYYYY 6.30a.m.

We went to 3 DIFFERENT PLACES because she wanted a specific type of meat. I AM NOT KIDDING. Eventually we found the right one. Alhamdulillah~

While we were in the car, sempat lagi she comment on my driving and tell me the shortcuts to go to places (Which I already know) and had trouble opening the door. She suddenly yelled out, "WHY WHEN I WANT TO OPEN THE DOOR IT'LL BE LOCKED BUT WHEN I'M WAITING TO OPEN THE DOOR, IT'S ALREADY OPEN." She yelled this when we were at the market. *Me swallowing fits of giggles*

Other cases are weirder than this though.

Exhibit A : She buys the newspaper just to read the Obituaries.

Exhibit B: She keeps every window and door open at NIGHT because she said there is NO air in the house. (If there is no air, how could we still be living? @_@)

Exhibit C: She would suddenly get up from her bed and start shaking her hips for a whole 5 mins.

Exhibit D: She cooks for a party of 10 for my brother and me. 

All the things that she do are a lil bit crazy but that does not make me love her less. I am blessed to have her in my life. I love you Inik.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mama's Doing

*cough cough* So this is what blogging is all about. This is certainly something new to me but as you can see at the title above; this is my mum's advice. Lovely lady, my Mummy. One day she came into my room where I was chilling~ doing nothing. "You should make a blog. At least it'll improve your English from time to time and probably bring your lazy butt out of bed." I did!

It feels kinda weird though..owning a blog. It looks weird too. I have no idea what I did to my profile but it seems relevant..maybe. And I never knew I created this 2 YEARS AGO. I must've did it to read someone else's blog. PFFTT. typical. Anywho! The woman who convinced me to create this is riiiigggghhhhttt here.

Isn't she pretty?

YOU HAPPY MUM?? I spose this is for the best. This could be like a secret blog or something. Cool~~ 

Looking forward to post random things!! Are you up for it? *points randomly* WELL..YOU MAY BE BUT I CERTAINLY won't. This would just be like handing over essays. Except this time I don't only hand to one person but I'm practically distributing my words. Exciting! Toodles SUCKAS!

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